Ikea Hack: Turning PAX into a school station

Ikea Hack: PAX wardrobe school station

This blog post is for anyone who:

  • lives in a shoebox apartment
  • enjoys maximizing space
  • has a PAX wardrobe
  • is going to school
  • likes DIY stuff
  • loves Ikea

My husband just started his third and final year of seminary. Our apartment is a constant clutter of school books, loose papers, class schedules, Greek alphabet flash cards, and basically anything you might find at a Staples. With less than 500 sq ft of living space in our tiny Toronto apartment, clutter is not an option.

I got crafty this past Sunday and turned our Ikea PAX wardrobe into a school station, complete with a chalkboard, bins for each course, and a stationary drawer. I can barely call myself a DIY person, but this? This I could handle.

Things I used:

  • paint brush
  • chalkboard paint
  • old rags
  • painter’s tape
  • TJENA boxes from Ikea
  • FLUNS magazine files from Ikea

Pro tip: Don’t forget to lay an old rag on the floor while painting the chalkboard to catch any drips. I forgot this critical step and ended up with a big black drip on our carpet… Thankfully, Sunday’s scripture reading was Matthew 18:21-35, so the spirit of forgiveness was in the air.




5 thoughts on “Ikea Hack: PAX wardrobe school station

  1. cbradt says:

    What a great and creative idea……. It does look very organized.
    A stain in that beautiful carpet? Maybe contact the manufacturer of the paint and ask how to remove from a wool carpet?

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